Our Top 5 Picks For You- Best Laptop Brands in 2020

If you are looking for the top-rated laptops in 2020, then you are in the right place. As we have listed the best ones here for you. There was a time when we were used to computers and it solved our every problem. But it could never be handy and portable. In the modern era of technology, each and everyone knows the need and importance of the laptops.
Have you ever thought of your life without a laptop? Thanks to the technology we are lucky to have these laptops actually we owe all to the technology. Laptops have made our life easier than we ever thought of. Our work efficiency has increased over time and people are using laptops anywhere at any time. Laptops come in many sizes & are designed for several benefits.

From gaming laptops to 2-in-1 options, unique designs to ultra-thin models, you can find the best laptop brands in 2020 according to your lifestyle and need.



Dell laptops always being the first in the race of Innovation and the perfect example is XPS. The latest model of laptop is ranked on the list of best laptop brands in 2020. The software allows you to text and makes calls from the laptop, a nice add on for the professionals. In the professional world, the laptops that are known for its toughness and reliable stand in the crowd. And here we have the best reviews for Dell laptops Dell Inspiron 116 HD Chromebook, Dell Latitude 5490 XXPKH


HP just outdid its brand because of the amazing ultraportable premium two-in-one. It's successively on a great 10th-generation Intel CPU and the newest x360 is expressively smaller than its predecessor without sacrificing usability. HP has also enhanced the Spectre x360’s security features like an IR camera and fingerprint reader and switch to disable its webcam. You’ll still find two ways to log in via Windows 10 Hello, an infrared camera for facial recognition and a fingerprint scanner. Also, HP 15 15.6" HD Touchscreen is an impressive invention of HP laptops.  Plus, it's available with 4G LTE wireless so you can do your work wherever and whenever you want.


Microsoft always brings one or the other outstanding updates in its laptops. And once again Microsoft laptops are in one of the best laptop brands in 2020 because of its all-new innovation, Microsoft Surface Laptop. In 2012, Microsoft released its first Surface device i.e. a computer with a separable keyboard and a screen that measured approximately 11 inches—all designed in accordance to merge the efficiency benefits of a laptop with the ease of a touch-screen tablet.


Apple is known for its premium laptops and an expensive approach but not only that but also its premium customer service. Whoever buys an apple product does not need to worry about the customer service because of its quality. When you buy an apple product you are actually buying everlasting customer support. One of the most popular is the MacBook and its remarkable features make it unique and admirable. Visit to know the reviews for Apple MacBook Air.


When you’re considering buying the laptop appropriate for professional use and gaming both then always go for Lenovo laptops. These laptops excel in the field of technology providing you worth for money. If you are buying a laptop it is always recommended to read the reviews of the laptop and Lenovo is actually ranked as one of the best laptops ever in 2020. You can view the reviews of one of the most praised laptops, Lenovo 2020 Premium Flagship ThinkPad E590.
Anyone who is considering for excellent and well-rounded laptop should pay attention to the ThinkPad model. It has a robust design and quality, while the performances are fast. Even the better as it has excellent battery life.